I can’t talk to you even if I wanted to because

There are a lot of things you won’t understand.

My life isn’t as ordinary as you make it out to be. My life isn’t simple at all; it’s actually a lot more complex than you think. (But then again, isn’t everybody’s? It’s just that people are oblivious of this.) So before you go thinking that I am just another happy kid living the college life, I’m really not. In fact, I’m a lot more miserable than you think. To be honest, I haven’t been happy for awhile. More so than not, I’m just another kid trying to tread by each day.

You can’t seem to understand why I work so hard to be where I am today which is also why you fail to see why I want to do the things I aspire to. You don’t see the sacrifices I have made nor do you see the wear and tear I have gone through - perhaps I can’t see your’s either. I guess there’s just this big gap between why you step down on my aspirations while I’m just expected to fulfill yours… and I can’t make any sense of it.

It sucks. I just want to say forget it and create my own path to follow rather than fill someone else’s shoes. But people have this thing called “feelings” that we have to be careful not to tread too hard on.

P.S. Pension does not entitle us to happiness. I hope you understand that one day.